• Grayson
  • A Wild One

    Since entering the workforce for the first time since becoming a mother, my life has been a wild one.  During the ten months I spent at home with Grayson, my schedule became his schedule.  I could do laundry while he played happily, write a blog post while he napped, plan errands and grocery trips around […]

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  • The Perfect Ten

    My dearest Grayson, I love your unyielding curiosity.  Sure, you discover “No No’s” every once in awhile…  But I just love to watch your beautiful brown eyes focus and your face light up at the wander of something new.  You remind me there is joy in the simplest of things Those brown eyes…  They melt […]

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  • Breakthrough

    Have you noticed that in my monthly updates about Grayson, no new teeth have been mentioned?  He will be ten months old in a couple days, but on Labor Day his first tooth finally broke through the gums!  Funny how each baby’s milestones can be so different — rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, growing teeth, […]

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  • Silence is Not Golden

    Grayson is almost always making noise of some kind.  He also has an outstanding set of lungs on him.  He has discovered octaves while screaming playfully or crying fitfully that I never even knew existed before. The silence of Grayson sleeping soundly is a silence I truly treasure.  It’s my chance to take a deep […]

  • Grayson
  • NEIN!

    NEIN!  That means no in German…  Pronounced “nine” as an English word it means the number 9.  NEIN!  Grayson is NINE months old!  Along with that he is also learning the meaning of NEIN… or no.  (Random, I know.  I went to Germany in high school and while preparing this blog post the play on words […]

  • Mommy
  • Life Happens

    Hello?  Are you still there?  Believe it or not, I’m still here. Life has been happening in all directions and at all times.  Long story short…  I’m not returning to work at my old job.  My back-up plan for work didn’t workout either.  My husband is returning to college soon.  Our lease is almost up at […]

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  • Grateful Eight

    My Dearest Grayson, The world no longer revolves around me.  No, baby, it revolves around you.  The world is a better place because of it.  Thank you for strengthening my selflessness (that I didn’t have much of before!). Although I’m technically an adult, and your mother for that matter, you keep me young at heart.  Your […]