Grateful Eight

My Dearest Grayson, The world no longer revolves around me.  No, baby, it revolves around you.  The world is a better place because of it.  Thank you for strengthening my selflessness (that I didn’t have much of before!). Although I’m technically an adult, and your mother for that matter, you keep me young at heart.  Your […]

That Mom

Grayson just took a nap for around two hours!  I’m pretty certain he hasn’t taken a nap that long since the first month of his life!  I had no idea what to do with that “free time”, “me time” or whatever.  Oh, believe me, I used to be great at it.  I’ve just forgotten how […]

End In Sight

This morning I spent a couple hours trying to teach myself something I just could not figure out.  (What this “something” was is besides the point.)  If by the end of those hours I’d figured it out, that time would have been worth it.  But after exhausting every option I knew of, I couldn’t get […]