Life Happens

Hello?  Are you still there?  Believe it or not, I’m still here. Life has been happening in all directions and at all times.  Long story short…  I’m not returning to work at my old job.  My back-up plan for work didn’t workout either.  My husband is returning to college soon.  Our lease is almost up at […]


During my childhood and even my young adult life I had an entirely different concept of time than I do today.  At nine years old playing Barbies for three hours with my little sister didn’t feel like wasted time.  At nineteen years old, after finishing my finals in college, spending an entire weekend playing Sims on […]

Coming Clean

Hi, I’m Emily.  I’m a recovering  addict. I am also a mother, wife, friend, and an active family member…  Thanks to recovery.  I am living and enjoying life, rather than just existing.  I am moving forward–learning, growing, creating, loving, thriving–rather than just slowly killing myself. Today I have been clean/sober/free for 366 consecutive days.  Thanks to leap […]