NEIN!  That means no in German…  Pronounced “nine” as an English word it means the number 9.  NEIN!  Grayson is NINE months old!  Along with that he is also learning the meaning of NEIN… or no.  (Random, I know.  I went to Germany in high school and while preparing this blog post the play on words […]

End In Sight

This morning I spent a couple hours trying to teach myself something I just could not figure out.  (What this “something” was is besides the point.)  If by the end of those hours I’d figured it out, that time would have been worth it.  But after exhausting every option I knew of, I couldn’t get […]

Halfway There (Six Months)

My baby Grayson turned six months old on the 12th.  We’re halfway there, folks. Instead of repeating how shocked I am at how fast time has flown or how much he’s grown, I’ll simply highlight his new milestones. He can roll over from back-to-tummy and tummy-to-back.  He’s had tummy-to-back down for a while.  The first […]

He’s Got the Looks

Grayson’s sleep regression has created a new level of exhaustion for me.  I mentioned previously that I’m having deja vu of the sleepless newborn days.  He wakes up every couple of hours during the night (again).  This time it isn’t for a late night meal.  This time he’s hurting (But yes, sometimes a late night […]