Grateful Eight

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My Dearest Grayson,

  1. The world no longer revolves around me.  No, baby, it revolves around you.  The world is a better place because of it.  Thank you for strengthening my selflessness (that I didn’t have much of before!).
  2. Although I’m technically an adult, and your mother for that matter, you keep me young at heart.  Your innocent and childlike spirit is contagious.
  3. Although that little tooth has still not popped through the gum, you have been a teething trooper!  We’ve shared many sleepless nights, but I’m happy you’re finally starting to rest through the night again (For both our sakes!).
  4. You, my son, are hilarious!  Your sense of humor has been apparent since you were around three months old.  That smile… that laugh… those noises (like that fake cough… seriously?)… those faces you make.  I can’t remember a day that I haven’t laughed.  I SWOON!
  5. New babies can put a strain on a marriage, and I completely understand how that can be.  Although your Daddy and I have had our rough days, we’ve mostly bonded because of you.  We work harder.  We love deeper.  Because of you; for you.
  6. Knowing I am solely responsible for your care and well-being, I know that I am of infinite value.  I treat myself better so I can be my best for you.  I have a past of making poor choices for myself and questioning my worth.  Your growth inside my basketball-sized belly and your birth into this world have made me feel like Super Woman.  My super power is being your Mother; your hero.  The irony is, by giving you life, you gave me mine.
  7. “MAMAMAMA”  YES!  Okay, teeeechnically not your “first word,” but definitely a sound you make loudly and proudly!  (Still working on “DADA” 😉 )  I love it!  (Sorry, Josh.)
  8. What matters to me most (now) are matters of the heart.  I know you don’t realize it yet, but you taught me this.  At the forefront of my mind once was vanity, wealth, pleasure, jealousy, pride, gain, and selfishness…  Today I see through the lens of values, (quality) time, relationships, growth, humility, honesty, and acceptance.  I don’t always see these clearly, and I definitely don’t always act upon these.  But my heart will never beat the same since the moment I heard (and felt) yours.

That’s my grateful eight.


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