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Grayson has consistently been going to bed for the night between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.  He will get tired around 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. and may even fall asleep… for a few minutes.  Then he gets a second wind, wears himself out, and goes back to bed a couple of hours later.  During the day he takes around two naps.  He is finally napping for around an hour instead of twenty minutes at a time.  He usually wakes up in the mornings around 7 a.m.  His sleep schedule controls my sleep schedule.  So this is my schedule too–minus the naps!

The thing is, by the time Josh gets home from work, it’s typically around 6 p.m.  I’m lucky we enjoy spending time together so much.  We both sacrifice sleep to make that happen on weekdays, so I think midnight is probably our average bedtime.  I guess I get around seven hours of sleep on average.  That’s really not too bad!

But lately, my brain is foggy, and my body requires extra juice to keep going.  (Side note, when Grayson reaches for my coffee mug I say, “No, baby.  That’s Mommy juice.)  Like, I have literally doubled my caffeine intake over the last couple months.  (Yikes)

There isn’t one specific reason I am feeling groggy.  But I’ve got a pretty good idea about several different factors that contribute lately.  Mentally, I am constantly calculating–budget this and that, work, school, and career this and that.  Physically, I am chasing a crawling baby between all other daily tasks.  Spiritually, I’m stagnant.  Emotionally, however, I’m happy to say I’m balanced.  So, there’s that!

I can recall spending hours studying while in college.  Although I was literally just sitting there with a book in my face, hours of that was completely exhausting.  Being mentally drained can make me feel physically drained.  What this girl needs is replenishment.  I just don’t know exactly what that looks like for me…  I couldn’t tell you what exactly I think would rejuvenate me.  A nap?  A spa day?  A vacation?  A shopping spree?  Exercise?  (I generally eat healthy, so that helps, but I still don’t have an exercise regimen.  At all.)  Nature?  A wish fulfilled–finding that perfect job or buying the house of my dreams?

I know for sure the “stuff” would only be a temporary fix.  New stuff is exciting until it’s not new anymore.  A manicure is fun until the polish chips off.  I’m so, so happy.  And thankful–so thankful!  I’m just feeling like I’m running on low batteries.

Until I figure out how to recharge…  More coffee, please!

Ladies, gentlemen…  moms specifically:  How do you replenish?


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