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NEIN!  That means no in German…  Pronounced “nine” as an English word it means the number 9.  NEIN!  Grayson is NINE months old!  Along with that he is also learning the meaning of NEIN… or no.  (Random, I know.  I went to Germany in high school and while preparing this blog post the play on words occurred to me.  I’m a word nerd.)

Whether it’s knocking a trash can over, getting into bags and boxes, grabbing a hand full of dog food or splashing his hands in their water bowls, he is becoming increasingly mischievous.  Along with that, he’s at the stage where exploration involves putting everything in his mouth…  From a receipt he grabs out of my bag, a piece of dog food or dog toy, a string or piece of fluff he finds on the floor, a phone cord, a remote…  anything goes, really.

“Grayson!  No!”  He’ll stop and look at me with a straight face.  A few times I have already had to look away to keep from smiling or laughing.  I don’t want him to think his mischief is funny, but it is a little funny to me.  I’m almost positive there will come a day sooner or later where I’ll be eating those words, but for now I’m enjoying the new phase.


As I’m typing this he just pulled a candle warmer off the ledge (thank God there was no candle on it) and is kicking his feet on the blinds that cover our patio door (He’s already pulled a couple of them off too).  Never a dull moment!  Never ever!

I swear I grow fonder of Grayson by the day.  In the (pause here – just had to grab a dog toy out of his mouth!) short nine months of Grayson’s life he has made an indescribable impact…  Rejuvenating my love for life, my self-worth, my relationship with my husband and our extended families…  He is a sensational boy.  I am so in love.

He is absolutely not picky and will eat anything–edible or not.  He crawls quickly (in an adorable army crawl fashion that he’s got down pat), and in the blink of an eye he will go from one room to the next.  I have to keep things off the floor and doors closed on a regular basis to keep him out of trouble.  He sleeps great and is so easy to get to sleep these days.  Instead of multiple mini-naps, he takes two to three hour long naps each day.  The kid doesn’t require a whole lot of sleep.  He doesn’t go to bed until around ten or eleven at night.  Then he wakes up jolly and rested between seven and eight in the morning.  He is definitely a morning person!  He wakes up in a great mood and starts jabbering and playing right away.


To be honest I hesitated introducing him to “puffs” because I didn’t see a nutritional significance in them.  However, I have found a couple brands that are “mommy approved” (by this mom 😉 ) and he loves them!  There are healthier varieties with vitamins, fruits, and veggies (rather than just an airy rice-puff).  The two brands I’ve tried are Plum Organics and Happy Baby Organics.  Actually, Josh may eat more of them than Grayson does…  (Insert “No! No! Mom voice here…)  Grayson can grab and feed himself the puffs with his developing grasping skills!  I almost had tears the first time I saw him do this…  Once upon a time every bite or sip of nutrition had to come from me…  Now he can put bites of food in his mouth and drink a sippy cup of water by himself!

Grayson has so many cute and hilarious quirks.  He isn’t shy at all.  He is loud and boisterous.  He is an absolute joy.  I love him more each month, each day, each moment.

Happy nine months of life, Grayson!


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  1. He is adorable!! Enjoy each stage!!

    1. Thank you!!!! 🙂

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