Silence is Not Golden

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Grayson is almost always making noise of some kind.  He also has an outstanding set of lungs on him.  He has discovered octaves while screaming playfully or crying fitfully that I never even knew existed before.

2016_08_15_0020 (2)

The silence of Grayson sleeping soundly is a silence I truly treasure.  It’s my chance to take a deep breath and relax (Who am I kidding?)  It’s my chance to get something done uninterrupted.  Likewise, the (semi)silence of Grayson being happily occupied while we’re out and about, with the exception of his sweet baby babble and cackles of course, is much appreciated.

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2016_08_20_0035 (2)

2016_08_20_0043 (2)

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On the other hand, if I lose sight of Grayson for even a matter of seconds without hearing a sound from him, his silence is deafening!  So far I have found him attempting to eat a rock, carpet fiber, tissues, and dog food among other things.  I have found him chewing phone chargers and pulling things out of electrical sockets.  I have found him knocking trash cans over and playing with (or even eating) the trash – yuck!  He has pulled a couple blinds down.  He has closed himself in bathrooms and bedrooms by pushing or kicking the doors shut.  At one time, he would play with these things in his hands before I’d quickly grab them.  Now he puts everything in his mouth!  I have to be on high alert more than ever before, and that little booger is fast!

Silence (from my Grayson), is not golden.

At one time I swept, mopped, and vacuumed weekly.  Now I really should be sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming every other day…  Maybe even every day!  He finds things that I don’t know where they came from or how they got there.  If you happen to come over to our home and you see things in odd places–trash cans in the bath tubs or on top of dressers, dog food bowls on the counter, shoes on the coffee table or set on chairs, etc. etc… you can thank Grayson for this new decor trend.  There are baby toys strewn everywhere and random things in random places, but hey, at least our floors are clean, right?

I can only imagine what I will experience when this child starts talking and walking.  Everyday is an adventure!  I love this journey.

2016_08_15_0006 (2)

PS. I GOT A NEW CAMERA!  Like, a real camera.  Not an iPhone.  What do you think?!

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