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There are so many topics I could choose to write about that I’m having trouble narrowing it down to just one.  Instead, here are some highlights–lows and highs.  Plus a heck of a lot of pictures.  (Isn’t that really what you’re scrolling through to see anyways? 😉 )



I’ve been fighting fatigue and short-term memory loss.  I had a pretty comprehensive blood test done, and the results came back perfect.  I eat and sleep well.  So what’s going on?  I don’t know yet.  Some days I feel I’m really losing my mind.

Oh!  The irony and frustration on the same day that I mentioned this to my doctor…  After noticing I’d been without my cell phone for several hours, I searched my car and house as best I could.  I simply could not retrace my steps, as the gaps in my memory prevented me from doing so.  After utilizing the “Find My iPhone” app., my phone was located across the street from my neighborhood.  I literally walked up and down the side of this busy road trying to find it.  No luck.  I had it deactivated and reported it stolen.  The next morning, as my husband was on his way to work, he saw it in the grass on the side of the road.  Apparently I put the phone on top of my car at some point and drove off.  Miraculously, my phone was not damaged whatsoever (Otterbox saves the day!).

I could write a whole post about the mental anguish I experienced while my phone was missing.  Okay, I know this sounds ridiculous initially, but bear with me here.  The fact that I’ve been unable to recall events that happen within the time it takes me to walk from one room to another, coupled with the fact that I literally have a lifetime (Grayson’s) worth of photos saved on that iPhone, plummeted me into an instant (circumstantial) depression.  Sure, there’s the iCloud; however, I have so many photos that I have exceeded the limit of free storage.  So many videos and photos would have been lost for good.  I have felt victimized by my own mind, as these memory lapses are absolutely out of my control.



I. GOT. A. JOB!!!  (Besides being a mother of course.  But, to me, motherhood is less of a job and more of a privilege (albeit challenging).)


I thought this blooper shot fit quite perfectly…  Just tossing my hair back like, “Oh, no big deal…”  But it is a big deal!  It’s amazing what a confidence boost this job opportunity has given me already…


You know me…  I interviewed in style, of course! 😉

I start work next week, which means Grayson will be starting daycare.  Josh is taking college classes now in addition to working.  We are in the process of moving (just relocating, not moving far away!).  Needless to say, life is very busy right now (When is it not, really?)  If ever I find myself overwhelmed, which I assure you I do from time to time, the truth is happiness overwhelms me more than sadness.  Excitement more than anxiety.  Optimism more than negativity.  There are pros and cons, there is good along with the bad–absolutely!  I’m accepting it all with gratitude and humility.  I’m overjoyed with life right now.


I’m not exactly sure how or why a (formerly) lost, addicted, selfish girl could end up becoming the woman I am today with this life.  I’m doing everything I can not to take it for granted.

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