The Perfect Ten

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My dearest Grayson,

  1. I love your unyielding curiosity.  Sure, you discover “No No’s” every once in awhile…  But I just love to watch your beautiful brown eyes focus and your face light up at the wander of something new.  You remind me there is joy in the simplest of things
  2. Those brown eyes…  They melt my heart!  And those lashes are so dark and long.  Just breathtaking!  I have to try not to make eye contact after telling you, “No,” because I’m already having a hard time with that look on your face…  Also, I love when you’re sleepy and you want me to comfort you.  You just stare at me, and I watch your eyes soften and relax.  When I smile at you, you smile back.  Then I watch your eyes slowly close and go to sleep as you are wrapped up in my arms.  I try not to blink… I can’t miss or forget those moments, as they will eventually come to an end.
  3. You aren’t the least bit shy.  I like that about you.  You make noises and wave at anybody and everybody.  Speaking of which, I love that sweet wave when we say, “Bye bye!” or “Hi!”.  I feel so proud to take you out, knowing you’ll brighten every person’s day that you come in contact with.  Your sweet spirit is contagious.
  4. You are hilarious.  You’re not trying to be, but you make the funniest noises and faces.  You are starting to get over not liking people laughing at you… kind-of… That fake copy-cat laugh you do when we laugh is hysterical.  Also, it’s pretty funny sometimes to see the strange things you get into or the random objects you crawl under or climb on.  Being with you is so fun, baby!
  5. Maybe I should have signed you up to be a baby model as many have suggested, because you are incredibly photogenic.  You know how to look at the camera, and you always give me faces and moments to capture.  Hopefully you won’t start hating my “mom-tography” anytime soon, because I don’t plan on stopping, FYI. 😉
  6. Bathtime is so fun for you right now that I look forward to it too!  You love splashing.  The look on your face when the water is running from the faucet, and you try to grab it… Priceless!  And that cute little butt of yours!  Seriously, what is it about baby booties?!  They’re the cutest.  (Sorry if I just embarrassed you, dear boy.)
  7. You’re an excellent eater…  By that I mean I look forward to letting you try new foods because you always like them!  You aren’t picky at all, and I am so grateful for that!  Also, you love ice cream like I do…  It’s both a gift and a curse, honey. 😉
  8. That head of hair of yours!  It’s thick like your Daddy’s and so, so soft.  He’s going to have a lot of fun helping style that for you like we did for our family photos last week.
  9. Speaking of your Daddy, one of the sweetest things is watching your reaction when he comes home from work.  If you aren’t in the room when he walks in, you figure out a way to get there ASAP to see him.  Once you do, the smile on your face is so precious!  (I’d still argue that you’re Momma’s boy though!)
  10. You’re officially pulling up and standing now.  I’m so proud of you, my boy!  Remember the first time I saw you do that?  I snatched you up in my arms and squeezed you saying, “I’m so proud of you, honey!  You did it all by yourself!”  It’s the strangest feeling to see you grow and become more independent.  I’m so proud and so happy, yet I’m also sentimental and I guess a little sad.  But I’m mostly proud for sure!







Happy ten months of life, Grayson! (as of yesterday)

The perfect ten.  The best ten months of my life!

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