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Josh, my husband. Me, Emily. Our son, Grayson.  We are the Jones’!


Hello.  It’s me!

I am a wife and mother.  Those are my two proudest roles!  I have had a knack for writing for as long as I can remember…  It all started with “Dear diary,” which led to poetry, song-writing, and, of course,  my blog site!


I don’t claim to be anything other than who I am… Wife, mommy, daughter, sister, friend–who is committed to married life, passionate about parenting, creative in the kitchen, dedicated to recovery, has an awkward sense of humor, is slightly obsessive with organizing, wishes I had a consistent workout habit, kind of sucks at money management (I mean literally… I will suck the money right out.), is an organic enthusiast, wishes I would attend church more regularly, aches and thrives to connect with people, pays an exceptional attention to detail (sometimes to a fault), is a coffee connoisseur (Coffee = Life), and last, but not least, I am a word nerd with an insatiable appetite for writing.

So, here’s my blog.  For me; for you.

Whether you just stumbled here by accident, are interested in my experiences, are just scrolling through for cute baby pictures, or are frankly just here to creep, I’m thrilled you’re here.

Enjoy this slice of our lives — Keeping up with the Joneses!

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Contact: ejones@acupofjones.com

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